Friday, April 24, 2009

Information On GNC Triflex Fast-Acting Arthritis Joint Pain & Cartilage Support Supplement

Promotes joint mobility, arthritis joint pain & flexibility*

Many people with arthritis joint pain have considered taking vitamins and supplements that promise to ease joint pain and it's true, the right ones could offer greater control of ostearthritis (OA) joint pain. The problem is that too many product advertised as cures for arthritis can actually be harmful.

Sharon Plank, MD an Integrative Medicine Physician with the University of Pittsburgh Medical School Center for Integrative Medicine said " You've got to take a whole-body approach to treating arthritis pain. Lifestyle is huge. It's important to start by losing weight if you are obese. Regular exercise will help strengthen muscles that support joints and keep joints flexible."

"Medications can help ease arthritis joint pain, and for some people, supplements provide that extra relief that drugs can't," she says. " there is certainly a place for supplements."

GNC Triflex Fast-Acting with Glucosamine & Chonrotin for joint pain Supports the body's natural ability to support joint tissue/function.

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Glucosamine is found naturally in the body's joint cartilage -- helping keep it healthy and lubricated. The shells of shrimp, lobster, and crab provide the basis for supplements. Glucosamine is believed to help slow deterioration of cartilage, relieve arthritis joint pain, and improve joint mobility.

Chondroitin is also found naturally in cartilage and bone. Chrondroitin sulfate supplements are derived from cow trachea or pork by-products. Chondroitin is said to reduce joint pain and inflammation, improve joint function, and slow progression of osteoarthritis. Most studies have been done on knee arthritis.

Chondroitin is believed to enhance the shock-absorbing properties of collagen and block enzymes that break down cartilage. Like glucosamine, this supplement is thought to help cartilage retain water, keep joints lubricated, and possibly reverse cartilage loss.

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